The Kabuki world has a strong fan base.

Possessing a history of more than 400 years, pride of the traditional performing arts in Japan,
today Kabuki is still very popular.

However, the appeal of Kabuki is not limited to the stage.
We want to share with you what we call "behind the scenes" of Kabuki.

However, we do not offer you a documentary or a formal interview.

The listening play "Koetsumugi", created with Kabuki actors and heirs of traditional performing arts,

the beauty of traditional Japan, the realization of visuals in collaboration with Tokyo Art project
the mixes of typical Kabuki sounds and modern music...

We offer you a new way to enjoy Kabuki through original contents.

It's not a Kabuki-za or the National Theater's performance stage. Nor is it a movie or television show.
The creation of a "third stage" is the mission of this project.

Tokyo "Cheer for art!"

Narikiri Kabuki taisou Meets Asakusa Hanayashiki (with Narikiri Kabuki Taisou)

How to become Kabuki actor ?
Guest : Nakamura Hashigo (ppart one)

Asked about "onna gata"
it turned to a speak about gods (part one)

A "Kabuki sound master!"
Focus one a rare job